Excellent crew management

TM Crew offers a superior way to manage your crew. Its flexible structure and user friendly interface allow you to store and retrieve large amounts of information, such as certificates, next of kin and employment history.

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Plan and schedule crew changes, sign on or off an entire crew or a crew member with a single click. You may also use TM Crew to move a crew member from one vessel to another.

TM Crew lets you manage your crew members’ certificates. Certificates are presented on a time-line, offering a complete overview at any point of time. The document handling features allows you to scan, tag and store an electronic copy for future reference and audit purposes. The system will prompt you whenever a certificate is due for renewal, reducing the administrative burden on your HR officers.

TM Crew makes it easy to follow up each crew member’s working history. Record and edit data pertaining to sign on/off, sea service log, onboard day calculation as well as arrival and departure information.

The system furthermore allows you to register hours of rest, ensuring that you remain in compliance with any regulations that are in force. Crew members may add to and edit their own personal data, as well as informationabout their activities. A wide range of activities, such as travelling time, sick leave and training periods can be stored and managed in the system. 

Powerful administration tools restrict user access to sensitive data, and protect the information from unauthorised use. Changes are recorded in the history log. TM Crew may be integrated with any third-party software, such as ERP and payroll systems.