Keeping a ship performing at its best is both a technical and human challenge.

Part of the Ocean Technologies Group, Tero Marine has been developing innovative fleet management software that enables safer, more efficient, and more profitable ship management for over three decades.

Utilised on more than 2000 vessels worldwide, TM Master systems are currently serving the widest spectrum of vessel types. From tankers to bulk carriers, container to offshore, along with offshore and more.

We don’t just improve processes, we reimagine them

The demands of shipping are constantly changing. That’s why our approach to ship management technology isn’t about keeping things as they are but about always moving things forward. We rise to the challenge of building optimal human-centred workflows and data views that spotlight inefficiencies and enable better decisions.

We move fast

Our culture of innovation and a rapid development cycle enables us to continually improve the solutions we bring to the market. We take an agile, customer focussed approach to designing and delivering future-ready ship management solutions.

We don’t have customers, we have partners

The success of every ship we serve is as much about the relationships we build as the deep technical expertise we bring. Our reputation for exceptional support, has led us to become the trusted partner of the world’s foremost ship owners and ship management companies.


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